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Industroclean - brands we offer

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Industroclean manufactures and offers a comprehensive range of quality cleaning chemicals. We have suitable cleaning chemicals for every application and cleaning need. We can offer the most efficient solution for your Industry.

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Industroclean is the official distributor of professional Nilfisk cleaning machines in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Industroclean offers Nilfisk’s comprehensive range of professional cleaning machines such as walk-behind and ride-on automatic scrubber driers and sweepers, single disc machines, Industrial vacuum cleaners and high-pressure washers.

Industroclean offers Nilfisk’s comprehensive range of accessories and spare parts as well as service and repairs for these machines.

Nilfisk products are renowned for their performance, quality and reliability and are the top of the range are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology in cleaning machinery.

The latest technology is used to ensure optimum performance.

The machines are ergonomic for the operators and are designed with the user in mind.

Nilfisk is originally a Danish cleaning equipment company that has been well established worldwide over the past 110 years.


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Industroclean is the manufacturer and official supplier of WAP mobile and stationary high-pressure washers and WAP parts washers a in South Africa.

WAP machines are of high quality and are exceptionally reliable.

WAP high-pressure washers are robust and suitable to heavy industry.

Industroclean offers spare parts for WAP pressure washers as well as service and repairs for these machines.

The WAP brand in South Africa has long been associated with products that are characterised by quality and reliability and has established loyal and satisfied customers for over 35 years.

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Industroclean offers Viper cleaning machines such as walk-behind and ride-on automatic scrubber driers, single disc machines, Industrial vacuums and carpet cleaners.

Viper offers standard professional cleaning equipment, which give customers the following main features and benefits:

Ease of use, no training needed, which reduces cost

Robust and reliable product, which provides for a longer lifetime

Ease of service for lower maintenance costs

The best “Quality/Price” ratio in its segment

Viper has its own factory in Dongguan (China) that is where the products are manufactured.

Viper is the value brand amongst the machine brands that we offer, the product is a “no-frills” standard machine which can accommodate your budget requirements while meeting your cleaning needs and standards.

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Filmop is a leading company in the professional cleaning market and is renowned for having products of the highest reliability and efficiency.

Industroclean offers Filmop’s quality range of janitorial products such as trolleys and specialised mopping systems.

Filmop designs and manufactures their products in Italy.

Since its establishment Filmop has continuously invested in new technologies, thus being one of the main figures in the changing process in the professional cleaning field during the last 30 years.

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3M floorcare solutions offer the most innovative technology to provide for productivity and sustainability in cleaning.

Industroclean offers a full range of pads for use on auto-scrubber driers and burnisher machines, as well as top of the range chemicals, microfibre cloths and scouring pads for floors and surfaces.

The range is suited cleaning, stripping and polishing all types of floor surfaces from marble to vinyl and more.

The 3M Company is an American multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, health care, and consumer goods.

From floor pads that provide a higher gloss for longer without the use of chemicals, to glass cleaners that both clean and protect for a longer lasting shine, without the need for high levels of solvents and ammonia 3M product provides a safer, more productive approach to cleaning.

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Vileda offers the highest quality standards in cleaning and is constantly developing new products and the materials used in their manufacture as well as optimising existing products and materials.

Industroclean offers Vileda’s specialised janitorial equipment such as complete trolleys, bins, specialised and microfibre mopping systems.

Vileda a German brand, is one of the most internationally recognised household brands and has 65 years of history.

Focus is placed on stability and durability of the products, all of which are designed and manufactured using the latest technologies.

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Chicopee offers the latest innovation in high quality wiping solutions across multiple segments.

Chicopee’s range of cloths can service varying industries and purposes due to their unique designs and fabric compositions.

Industroclean offers the Lavette, Lavette Super, J- cloth and Masslin cloth ranges for optimal surface cleaning.

The Chicopee company was originally born in 1823, starting life in cotton production. In 1916 it started supply of nonwoven bandages due to the first world war.

From these humble beginnings the company transformed over time into an established brand owned by several multinational organisations.

They have an extensive research and development division ensuring the cutting edge in fabric technology.

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Unger provides a range of high-quality cleaning tools and accessories for window cleaning applications so that windows of varying heights and sizes can be reached and cleaned efficiently and professionally.

Industroclean offers Unger’s innovative range of window cleaning equipment from the most cutting-edge technology like Hi Flo - water cleaning system with carbon poles to professional sleeves, buckets, handles and replacement rubber.

Since 1964, Unger has built a rich heritage of creating high quality, innovative cleaning products and providing superior customer service.

Unger was founded more than 50 years ago in Germany when Henry Unger, a professional window cleaner, started designing cleaning products for professional use.
Unger is a market leader in the professional cleaning industry.

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Vikan offers premium range cleaning solutions specialising in brushware.

Most Vikan products are compliant to food safety standards.

Industroclean offers soft and hard broom brushes, brush handles and dust pan solutions in various sizes and material compositions for an array of cleaning uses.

Vikan has colour coded options in 12 colours and have ergonomic design for ease of use.

Vikan was founded in Denmark and is at the forefront of R&D and is constantly developing cleaning tools with Innovative materials and patented technologies with advanced manufacturing processes.

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Rubbermaid provides a full range of cleaning systems and small accessories that offer you versatile equipment solutions to manage cleaning operations in all types of facilities.

Industroclean offers their hygiene supplies, waste management bins, mopping and dusting equipment, hazard and wet floor signs and cloths.

For nearly 80 years, the American Rubbermaid brand has represented innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life.

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