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Christel House and Industroclean

Christel House & Industroclean - Giving South Africa’s Underprivileged Youth a Clean Start

Christel House is a global children’s charity that transforms the lives of children by helping to break the cycle of poverty. Christel House has an important role to play in building self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

The South African Christel House school is based in Ottery In Cape Town. It was founded by Christel DeHaan and is a non-profit organisation with the Department of Social Development. Psychological trauma, illiteracy, malnutrition, disease, low self-esteem and lack of opportunity are among the root causes of poverty that Christel House helps the youth to overcome.

Christel house applies a holistic model, with a focus on the “whole child” and their character development. They provide essential aspects to develop the child’s total sense of wellbeing, such as a strong education, nutritious meals, regular health care, career guidance and guidance counselling.

Christel House has a community outreach programme which reinforces the link between school and community by giving parents the tools and skills to help them become better caregivers. Workshops on topics such as domestic violence, substance abuse, health and hygiene, AIDS prevention and money management teach parents how to improve their daily living conditions which makes a broad and positive impact on society.

Industroclean supports the continuous improvement upon human rights, one of the key focus areas in our commitment to being a socially responsible company. Every child should have the right to education. We are committed to the importance of education and its contribution toward social and economic improvement in South Africa. Industroclean has chosen to support Christel House as it is an incredible organisation making a real difference in the lives of children by giving them hope and the fundamental tools for a bright future.

Industroclean contributes toward the learning & health objectives at Christel House through helping to create a clean workspace. Industroclean provides Christel House with donations of quality cleaning equipment, chemicals and cleaning supplies. These donations are used to maintain excellent hygiene standards in the kitchen, school toilets, classrooms and other facilities on the premises.

We are dedicated to helping Christel House maintain a clean, dust free, safe and healthy learning environment so that the children and staff have pleasant learning conditions that improve student productivity and create a more positive environment.

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