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The Industroclean range of impregnation and sealing products.


Colourless,transparent, impregnation product. Closes the pores and forms a smooth surface, permeable to water vapour. The treated floor becomes dust-free and ready for optimal cleaning.

On all porous floor coverings such as natural and artificial stone, hard concrete, cement, clay tiles, clinkers, linoleum, rubber, xylolith, asphalt, terrazzo, etc.
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Information sheet:
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One-component acrylic sealant.

For sealing wood and wooden parquet, cork lino, urpen, xylolith, natural and artificial stone.
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Information sheet:
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Thinner for Seal and water-free solvent cleaner.

For the dilution of Seal and for removing wax films, oil, grease and other soiling from water-sensitive floor coverings such as wood, cork parquet and stone.
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Information sheet:
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Propore xp propore xp.png Impregnation agent. Floors treated with Propore XP are oil, grease, dirt and water repellent. It does not alter the colour or gloss; the stone keeps its natural appearance.
For the treatment of porous, strongly absorbent stone floors, such as clay tiles, clinkers, slate, sandstone, solnhofen limestone and other natural and artificial stones (travertine, marble, terrazzo etc.)
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Information sheet:
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