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The Industroclean range of Industrial and basic cleaners.

Proflex proflex.png  Highly effective industrial/universal cleaner. Slightly foaming and light alkaline. Dissolves all fatty and oily soiling as well as wax films after a short acting time. Cleans not only floors but all washable and alkali-resistant surfaces such as walls, doors, window frames, plastic surfaces, aluminium, synthetic fabrics, etc. It is a product for most applications.
pdf Proflex 74.29 Kb
Information sheet:
pdf Proflex 28.86 Kb
Proscrub xp
proscrub xp.png  Powerful alkaline cleaning agent for the machine cleaning of floor coverings. Low foaming and not
perfumed. Easily removes adhering fatty soiling (especially animal and vegetable origins).
 For all alkali resistant floor coverings in food industry, kitchens, etc. Also suitable for the basic cleaning of stoneware tiles. MSDS:
pdf Proscrub XP 80.19 Kb
Information sheet:
pdf Proscrub XP 26.50 Kb
Prolex prolex.png Highly effective universal cleaner with little odour. Free from solvents and corrosive substances. Specially suitable for the foodstuffs sector.  For the removal of vegetable and animal oils and fats as well as other soilings. For the cleaning of floor coverings, objects and installations in kitchens, restaurants and other food processing areas, also in industrial and production installations. MSDS:
pdf Prolex 71.09 Kb
Information sheet:
pdf Prolex 26.44 Kb
Prostrip prostrip.png Concentrated, slightly foaming basic cleaner. It easily removes polymer and wax coatings as well as soiling of all kinds.  For the basic cleaning of water and alkali resistant floor coverings using automatic scrubber-driers, single brush machines or
wet mopping equipment.
pdf Prostrip 79.46 Kb
Information sheet:
pdf Prostrip 26.38 Kb
prosolve.png Alkaline, highly foaming and
non-corrosive industrial and basic cleaner.
 For removing oil, grease and industrial soiling as well as wax and polymer films (e.g. Proflor H) on all water and alkali resistant surfaces. MSDS:
pdf Prosolve 73.32 Kb
Information sheet:
 pdf Prosolve 28.16 Kb
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