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The Industroclean Pro range of maintenance cleaners.


Self-shining maintenance cleaner on a wax base. Forms a thin, anti-slip wax film that is removed again when wet-mopped. Repolishable. 

For the maintenance cleaning of all water-resistant floor coverings such as artificial stone, PVC, rubber, linoleum, etc.
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Information sheet:
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Self-shining, coating maintenance cleaner based on polymers and wax. Forms a durable protective film that can be polished using the normal, high, or ultra speed methods. 

For all types of water-resistant floor coverings in heavy traffic areas where a fast formation of a protective film is desired or necessary, e.g. slightly porous artificial and natural stone, PVC,
linoleum, rubber, etc.
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Information sheet:
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Non-coating maintenance cleaner with a pleasant fragrance. Dries quickly and free of streaks. A dilution of more than 200 ml / 10 l produces a slip resistant film with a silky gloss.

For the maintenance cleaning and care of treated and non-treated natural and artificial stone floors, rubber, PVC, sport floor coverings (polyurethane) as well as other water resistant
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Information sheet:
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