Industroclean Supported Charities
 “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give” – Sir Winston Churchill

Poverty levels in South Africa have doubled in the last 10 years, and at least 25% of the population rely on welfare.

In light of this Industroclean has embarked on a charity drive to donate chemicals, cleaning aids and the practical assistance of Industroclean cleaning specialists to some of charitable organizations in Gauteng. This initiative has been undertaken in an attempt to enhance the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.


A charity children’s home dedicated to positively impacting the lives of street children.

Jabulani Khakibos Kids strive towards providing children who have lived on the streets with specific life skills in preparation for re-integration into their respective communities. They currently have 28 boys (ranging from 9 – early 20 years of age staying permanently on a 24/7 hour basis at the shelter.  The project includes accommodation, skills development training. HIV/Aids training and re-habilitation for the successful re-entry into mainstream society. 

CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation is a country wide voluntary organisation.  It brings together the parents of children who suffer from all varieties of cancer or life threatening blood disorders. Funds raised are applied to directly benefit the children and their families, and also those involved in the treatment of these most serious illnesses. 

The goal of this dedicated group is to improve the welfare and quality of care for children with cancer. The organisation provides direct practical help to children with cancer, from diagnosis onwards, recognising the inevitable disruption to family life when a child faces vigorous and often lengthy treatment.

The name CHOC (an abbreviation of “Children’s Haematology Oncology Clinics”) was used by the first local parent group, established in 1979.  In 2000 a new national organisation was formed, linking parent groups in all parts of the country.


Friend in Need is a feeding scheme based on the West Rand, that feeds approximately 200 families every Monday morning.  The population breakdown is approximately 75% black families and 25% white. There is also a crèche on the property catering to the needs of less  privileged children – 70 children in total.


The United Cerebral Palsy Association of SA  is a non-profit NGO, which is home to 50 physically and mentally handicapped children and young adults.  They suffer with a condition called cerebral palsy caused when the brain is damaged through lack of oxygen.  This happens before, during or after birth and through accidents and physical abuse. 

The severity of the disability means that the residents require constant care, intense therapy and stimulation to enable them to reach their maximum potential and lead happy and fulfilling lives. Some of the residents have been totally abandoned by their families and the home relies on donations.


C H A N C E is a children’s home providing shelter, food and protection for 90 small children from the age of newborn to twelve years old.  Their aim is to improve the life of children, who have been sexually abused and battered, as well as abandoned and HIV/AIDS positive children in the terminally ill stage.


Ikageng Itireleng AIDS Ministry is dedicated to the needs of those children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. Ikageng Itireleng wishes to provide support, mentoring, life skills and counselling to help assist AIDS-related Child-Headed Households (CHH) in Soweto as well as to improve the quality of life for orphaned and other vulnerable children affected by HIV/AIDS on a sustainable basis.


Creating opportunities for youth to grow and develop into responsible citizens, able to contribute to family and community life in the spirit of peace, dignity, tolerance, equality and solidarity  with others. The name Girls and Boys Town is synonymous with the peer-group system of self-government – a unique concept where youngsters are significantly involved in decision-making concerning their own affairs.

Under the guidance of adults, the kids actually govern themselves, electing their Mayor, Councillors and Managers who make the rules and see that they are kept. This capitalises on the teenage desire to be admired and respected by their peers, forges great leadership skills and instills responsibility and values for life.

There are eight registered Children's Homes – four large Youth Development Centres and four community 'family' homes –  which offer residential care to children whose own families cannot cope and who don't do well in foster care.


Hospice provides care for the terminally ill people with their gentle care, kindly words and expertise in managing difficult symptoms like pain.

The Hospice team is not intended to take the place of the family, but rather support the primary caregiver in caring for the patient.  Should additional nursing assistance be desired, e.g. for bed bathing, information will be given on nursing agencies who employ nursing assistants to provide this service.


St Vincent School for the Deaf ensures that learners do not miss out. The children are given a competitive education, either academic or skills training.  They are taught language, sign language and speech to be able to communicate in the mode in which they are most comfortable.  They are taught to live a “normal” life and enjoy it in spite of their deafness.



Kingsway Christian School is a humanitarian, non-profit organization with a Christian-based philosophy.  They admit disadvantaged children from informal settlements and surrounding communities and provide a nurturing bridge between their home situation and a demanding world.  There are currently 256  children in the school.


Sparrow Ministries cares for 238 children and 94 adults who are terminally ill and destitute affected and infected by HIV/Aids at their Rainbow Village.

Sparrow Village is an inter-denominational Ministry of Help not associated with any specific church.  We take care of the destitute, terminally ill adults and children with HIV/AIDS.  We primarily function as in in-patient hospice facility offering comprehensive medical, nursing, psychological, social, spiritual, educational and occupational care - through a multi-disciplinary team.