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Nilfisk IVAC industrial vacuum cleaners

CTS 40 for Hazardous dust

Thanks to the small size and the high performance, CTS three phase range is chosen by companies with tiny environments that need high power cleaning. There are many details featured in this range allowing for optimum cleaning:

The model is compact, stable and easy to move, small and silent.

CTS range is equipped with a side channel blower placed on the bottom of the chassis, making the vacuums stable and easy to manoeuvre.

Filtration is top quality: L class star filter of 19500 cm2 grants high filter efficiency and the manual filter shaker allows for fast and easy cleaning.

The upstream absolute filter HEPA H14 and downstream absolute filter ULPA15 IS available to collect very fine or hazardous dust. L,M, H and ATEX (for Zone 1 and 2 Gas and 21-22 Dust) versions.

L, M, H and ATEX versions

Vacuometer to monitor filter efficiency.

Removable container.



T40 L100 for heavy industry

Model T40 is a powerful three phase industrial vacuum. It offers great vacuum and is ideal to collect wet or dry heavy material.

The version with liquid cut-off system is perfect for companies that have to collect chips mixed with oil and emulsions. The accessories box, the cable holder and the supports for the hoses make model T40 really ergonomic, making easier the daily work of the operator. Versions with cyclon plate or grid and valve available.

4 kW side channel blower placed on the chassis.

50 or 100 litre container available.

Liquid cut-off system.

Gravity unload system with plastic bag or Longopac ("endless bag").


L or M class filter.

Manual filter shaker.


Plug with inverter.

Accessories box, cable/hose holders.

Container with castors and handle.


S3B L100 for metal chips and oil

Reliability, power and simplicity for this industrial vacuum designed for the mechanical sector, in particular for the collection of chips mixed with oil.

The S3B model is powerful and reliable. The machine is designed to collect wet and dry material for The 50L or 100L container can be easily removed and emptied, the small size and the ergonomic design allows for fast manoeuvrability

2 or 3 kW power.

L or M class versions.

Small size.

Strong and reliable.

Easy to move.

Container release system for an easy and fast emptying.

Container with castors and handle.

Manual filter shaker.

HEPA absolute filter available.

Floater for the liquids collection.


T75 L100 for heavy industry

Powerful and reliable three phase industrial vacuum for the recovery of wet and dry materials and heavy materials.

Model T75 is really powerful with its 7.5 kW, it creates a great vacuum combined to a great airflow and is so perfect to collect high quantities of heavy materials. This industrial vacuum can be used as suction unit in centralized vacuum systems for the cleaning of wider areas. The big filter is in M class, suitable for the collection of toxic dust and is automatically cleaned by the electric filter shaker.

Continuous use (24/7).

Practical release container system for an easy emptying.

100 litre container.

Gravity unload system with plastic bag or Longopac ("endless" bag).

L or M class filter for toxic material.

Accessory box, cable and hose holder.

32A plug with inverter.


T30S L100 for metal industry

T30S is a 3 kW threephase industrial vacuum ideal for metal industries. It can collect wet and dry material and is available with 50 or 50 L extractible container. Several disposal systems such as plastic bag or Longopac ("endless bag") available.

The side channel motor placed on the bottom of the chassis make this vacuum really manoeuvrable and suitable to operate in tiny environments. Model T30S is available in 3 main versions: with 50 or 100 L container and with gravity unload system with plastic bag or Longopac ("endless bag"). This last model is also equipped with a M class main filter for the collection of very fine and hazardous dust.

Gravity unload with plastic bag or Longopac version.

Compact and ergonomic.

3 kW three phase side channel blower for continuous use.

L or M class filter versions.

Extractible container with castors and handle.

Manual filter shaker.

Accessories box, cable and hose holder.

VHS120 compact and powerful

The VHS120 is the ideal vacuum cleaner when there is need of high performances in compact dimensions for collecting any type of waste material.

The VHS120 is the compact mobile single-phase vacuum cleaner equipped with n°2 by-pass motors and 37lt removable container to secure the highest performances and collection capacity when a limited space is available. The high filter surface, optional HEPA14 absolute filter and M-Class start filter with glued seams guarantee the highest filtering performances while manual filter shaker a quick cleaning of the main filter keeping the vacuuming efficiency high. Performances can be easily monitored thanks to the vacuum gauge on the motor head. The optional tool basket allows an easy and quick storage of accessories at the end of use.

Single phase, n°2 by-pass motors.

Compact dimensions.

Stainless steel version.

Absolute filtration version.

M Class star filter version.

High container capacity.

Container easy to remove and empty.

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