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Nilfisk ride-on scrubbers


The BR855 is part of the generation of scrubber/dryers, with focus on performance, ergonomics and reliability.

The BR855 has key features including an extremely low sound level, making around the clock cleaning possible in sensitive areas, outstanding traction for efficient double scrubbing tasks, and excellent drying efficiency.

The Ecoflex system keeps the consumption levels in control, but it also opens the possibility to boost temporarily water, detergent and brush pressure for more aggressive cleaning.

Optional EcoflexTM prepared: green, flexible, nice and easy
User friendly, waterproof OneTouchTM control panel and easy to operate.

High manoeuvrability allows cleaning in congested areas
Adjustable scrubbing pressure ensures a wide range of cleaning applications from daily scrubbing to restoration.

Integrated vacuum motor with low noise level for daytime cleaning applications.

Operator’s easy access from left and right side.

Large battery compartment enables a 400Ah battery tray for more than 4.5 hours running time.


The Nilfisk SC2000 mini ride-on scrubber dryer eases the working effort significantly compared a walk-behind machine. An attractive choice for cleaning of offices, supermarkets, sports centres, shops, restaurants, hotels, and institutions like hospitals and schools.

Taking working speed up to 6 km/h – from an average 4 km/h with a walk-behind scrubber dryer– the SC2000 has a great impact on both productivity and cleaning costs.
It is easy to manoeuvre even in narrow spaces thanks to its compact dimensions.

Thanks to patented Nilfisk SilenTech™ and its silent mode function for ultra-low sound level, you can use the machine for daytime cleaning, even in sound sensitive areas.

70L tank capacity allows to clean up to 120 minutes per tank reducing the time spent for dumps and refills. “Productive: 53 cm scrubbing width, high speed (6 km/h), 70/70 LProductive: 53 cm scrubbing width, high speed (6 km/h), 70/70 L

Compact and comfortable: very compact dimensions for narrow areas, comfortable seat and wide space for operator’s legs.

SmartFlow™ : solution flow of detergent/water automatically controlled by speed to have consistent cleaning and reduced consumptions

Ideal for daytime cleaning: Nilfisk SilenTech™ technology keeps extreme low sound level in all conditions

SmartKey™ system with Separate Supervisor and Operator keySettings effectively controlled
Easy to control: Dashboard with OneTouch™ button; intuitive display integrated in the steering wheel.

Water filling system automatically shutoff water when the tank is full
USB port as option

Easy handling: Automatic brush click on/off and plastic light squeegee with patent elastic strap system.

Sustainable: Ecoflex™ system with flexible detergent setting and water-only cleaning. Self-adjusting brush speed according to floor type and application to save energy consumptions.




CS7010 reinvents an entire class of equipment by reducing total cost of ownership, including operation, labor and maintenance, while effectively increasing fuel economy and runtime efficiency. Now the most economical solution is also the most ecological.

Available in three models, LPG-Hybrid, Diesel-Hybrid and ePower Battery. CS7010 delivers unparalleled performance, while replacing power-hungry, high-maintenance hydraulic system with efficient, state-of-the-art Electric Drive Technology. Whichever model you choose, the CS7010 delivers the lowest cost of ownership and the most suitable cleaning solution in its class.

Dedicated sweeping and scrubbing functions with one-pass cleaning keep debris dry without introducing scrub solution into the debris hopper. This provides operators and equipment owners with increased productivity and reduced maintenance. Lower total cost of ownership. CS7010 dispels the complexity and high maintenance of hydraulic systems that power conventional combination machines.

We've eliminated large hydraulic reservoirs, filters and oil coolers as well of the leak-prone hydraulic hoses, pumps, motors and valves. Hydraulic drives have been replaced with an intelligent system of electronically controlled, low maintenance electric drives.

This technology shift will save you a lot of money in reduced maintenance costs.

ClearView™ sightlines and automatic speed reduction in turns for safer operation

Tools-free tilt-out/lift-off recovery tank with integrated SmartFlow™

Available with patented

DustGuard™ airborne dust suppression technology

High-capacity 285 liter front dry sweeper debris hopper with high-lift system

Standard dual side brooms sweep entire squeegee path to minimize fouling

Hybrid combination machine. Fuel less consumption, less. High running time on battery variant.

Retractable offset deck and breakaway squeegee. Generation fitration system, variable filter shaking

OneTouch™, MaxAccess, NoTools™. More efficient service, extreme commonality among platforms.

Hybrid techonolgy and Ecoflex™

Heated water, High pressure washer


The Nilfisk SC6000 is a next generation ride-on scrubber dryer with the size, speed, and technology to clean large indoor areas – at an extremely low Total Cost of Ownership.

Available in 3 different versions, SC6000 will be the ideal solution for many companies, industries, and cleaning contractors dealing with large indoor areas such as production sites, warehouses, supermarkets, airports, parking garages and other logistical centres.

Saving both water and detergent, this user-friendly machine is designed to deliver hours of superior cleaning and drying performance at a high speed.

Robust and reliable, the battery powered SC6000 is built to last with limited need for service and maintenance, making it the right choice when you want efficient cleaning with an absolute minimum of downtime.

SC6000 comes with the intelligent SmartFlow™ function automatically adjusting the solution flow according to the travel speed – and if you want to save more water, detergent, and power you can choose the optional Ecoflex™ system.

Dump and refill cycles will be few and far between – with the solution and recovery tanks both holding 190L and thanks to the limited use of water and detergent.

Downtime is also minimized by the easy access to service and maintenance, supported by the embedded diagnosis system for quick identification of any technical problems.

When service needs to be carried out, tools will not be necessary for most operations, e.g. the click-on disc scrub brush system, and the easy removal of the squeegee from its support since no hose connection is needed.

Every detail of the SC6000 is designed to get the work done non-stop during its long life – at the lowest Total Cost of ownership.



SC1500 is an innovative stand-on scrubber dryer providing you with superior efficiency due to unprecedented ease of use, increased performance, high quality and reliability. It is an investment in Nilfisk quality that will pay off year after year.

SC1500 brings ease of use to a whole new level. Just step up and you are ready to go. The intuitive display makes it easy for the operator to handle the machine even for the first time, and the small size and handy steering makes manoeuvring easier than ever. Due to its easy handling, high capacity and silent operation. 

SC1500 is the obvious choice for hospitals and health care facilities, schools, office buildings, restaurants, shops and supermarkets as well as sport centres.
Step up to a higher level of quality, performance and reliability.

Easy handling. Just step up and go OneTouch™ scrub ON/OFF switch and two brush pressure settings for securing high cleaning performance
Intuitive dashboard with user-

friendly menu for setting parameters for cleaning conditions and floor type

44 litre tank with electronic controlled water flow allows cleaning up to 75 minutes per tank
Low noise level and a silent mode option, makes it ideal for sound sensitive areas and daytime cleaning

Up to 3.5 hours battery running time and optional on-board charger increase productivity, performance and reliability

Ecoflex™ detergent mixing system (optional)



Nilfisk SC6500 is a highly productive machine for scrubbing and drying of large floor and indoor areas. It offers the best cleaning performance in its class, including the unique Ecoflex-system.

Being easy to use for the staff – even for hard cleaning tasks – the SC6500 is ideal for big supermarkets, warehouses, airports, parking areas, food industries and heavy industries.

SC6500 is available in 4 different versions offering the choice between 2 scrubbing widths and cylindrical or disc scrubber for both widths. The result is a machine unsurpassed in its class when it comes to cleaning performance.

The need for high productivity when cleaning large areas is met by several benefits of the SC6500. It has a scrubbing width of up to 1300 mm, and the water tank capacity of 265 litres enables the operator to work for 1.5 hours before refilling.

Also adding to productivity is the AC traction unit with a high working speed. At the same time, the noise level is significantly low which enables work in noise sensitive areas.

More importantly, the total cost of ownership is reduced since the new motor is maintenance free and has a high-quality gearbox.

Scrubbing width of up to 1300 mm ensuring high productivity
Water tank capacity of 265 litres enables the operator to work for 1.5 hours before refilling.

High brush pressure, and effective drying enabled by a powerful vacuum motor.

AC traction unit reduces the total cost of ownership since the motor is maintenance free and has a high-quality gearbox.

Low noise level which enables work in noise sensitive areas and during the night.

OneTouch™ control makes the driving and controlling the SC6500 easy.

Ecoflex™ system is reducing cost by saving water and detergent which is essential when cleaning large areas.

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