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Viper walk-behind scrubbers


The AS380 is a compact and user-friendly micro scrubber/dryer perfect for cleaning in narrow areas.

Perfect for daily indoor scrubbing and drying in light to medium duty areas such as offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, smaller supermarkets and other retail outlets.

With this compact micro scrubber/dryer you can easily clean the floors in narrow areas.

The AS380/15 is easy to use and with handles on the side of the water tank makes it highly user-friendly. The foldable handles make it easy to transport and storage the machine.

Extremely compact machine that makes it easy to manoeuvre and transport.

Ergonomic, adjustable and foldable handle

Extremely compact

Easy to manoeuvre, transport and storage

Easy to use and service

Easy to clean, refill and empty

Suitable for application in narrow area

Rotationally moulded tank

Robust handle lock

Two tanks system

Battery and Cable versions EU and UK versions




The Viper A510 is a compact and highly manoeuvrable scrubber dryer that suits mid-sized application and heavy trafficked areas.

With a productive tank size, integrated solution tank and a working width of 51 cm the machine provides effective cleaning for hours.

Both machines are driven by brush traction available in both battery or cord but with two different cleaning paths.

Easy to use: Both the built-in charger, reduced pushing force and ergonomic start/stop switch gives the user a better handling of the product

Simple and user-friendly: The solution and recovery tank are integrated into one mould to create higher tank capacity

Great value for money: Available in both cable and battery version to give the customer the flexibility to choose the best way to cover their cleaning needs





This machine is suitable for scrubbing and drying in tough and dirty environments with large surface areas such as construction sites or industrial areas. High productivity is achieved through the large surface area the machine covers.

The tank capacity is large allowing for a longer battery run time, which means you can clean for longer.

With variable pad pressure you can easily adjust to your specific cleaning needs. For very dirty areas just add more pressure. The machine has a transaxle drive system with variable speed drive.

The machine is user -friendly and offers you great value for money.

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