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WAP parts washer

PC 200 - Electrically heated

The WAP PC 200 automated parts washer is designed for the cleaning of virtually all types of small to medium sized components, in the automotive, engineering, manufacturing industries, as well as in the service, repair and refurbishing sectors. Circular in design, the units basically consist of two compartments, one serving as the storage chamber for the cleaning solution and the other as the actual washing chamber. A hinged lid provides access to the washing chamber, which is situated on top of the storage chamber.

Extra heavy-duty construction, with heavy gauge steel plating ensures years of trouble-free operation.

Convenient opening and closing mechanism for the heavy steel lid, by means of a weight compensating gas lift.

Non-marking, industrial strength, self-steering castor wheels for easy transportation.

Sturdy, electroplated wire mesh basket, revolving on a permanently sealed and water proofed bearing.

Drainage valve, for the purpose of emptying the storage compartment, whenever the cleaning solution needs replacing.

Removable floor panels, allowing access to the storage compartment, for general cleaning, or for example, to gain access to the heating element.

Large mesh filter element, for the continuous straining of the water /chemical solution, whilst the parts washer is being used.