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Basic Window Cleaning

Visa Versa

A two in one window washer and squeegee.


Window Washer Handle Only

A basic window washer handle for the window washer sleeve.


Window Washer Sleeve Original

The original window washer sleeve with superior cleaning action.

Monsoon Sleeve

A window washer sleeve with superior cleaning action and high water retention.

Window Washer Complete

A window washer handle and original Window Washer Sleeve Complete.

Squeegee Handle Only

A squeegee handle with a clip lock mechanism for the attachment and removal of channel and rubber.

Replacement Channel & Rubber for Squeegee

This channel and rubber allows for replacement rubber to be removed and replaced when worn.

Window Squeegee Complete

A squeegee handle complete with a channel and rubber.

Window Cleaning Set

This professional window cleaning Transet includes a squeegee with a replacement channel and rubber at 25, 35 and 45cm. It comes with a long, 92cm, replacement rubber, an original window washer sleeve and handle complete, a 2.5m telescopic pole and a clamp for cleaning with a brush or sponge that can be attached to telescopic pole. It also has a safety scraper and a nylon bag.

Telescopic Pole 2.5-6m

This telescopic pole comes in 2.5m, 4m and 6m. It can be fitted with all window washer tools and squeegees. 

Telescopic Pole 6-9m

A 9m telescopic pole. It can be fitted with all window washer tools and squeegees. 

Safety Scraper

A scraper with a safety mechanism that is ideal for removing tough dirt such as paint or stickers. 

Floor & Window Scraper 1.2m

A scraper with a handle designed for light duty jobs.

Bucket on a Belt

A squeegee, washer and scraper holder.

Window Cleaning Bucket

A large, durable window cleaning bucket.

Window Cleaning Bucket with Sieve

A lightweight window cleaning bucket with a plastic holder for a washer and squeegee.

Indoor Pad Holder

An aluminium holder for indoor cleaning pads.

Indoor Polish Pad

A microfibre polish pad for cleaning indoors.

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